Android app development training in Bangladesh

68% of total smart phone users Android Operating System. Day to day people feeling comfortable to use Android and that is way demand of a Android developer increasing rapidly.

Last year Matt Copper (CEO – oDesk) came in Bangladesh and we told them what will be most demandable platform for freelancers in next future. He answered that Mobile phone apps development where android should be the best platform.

All we knows that Android acquired by Google Inc. and they keep eyes on Android very seriously.

Skilled home IT academy successfully organizing Android mobile phone application development training. In our course curriculum we will discuss beginning to advance level of Android app development.

Course Curriculum :

– Object Oriented programing / Java concept review

– Introduction to Android operating System & Android SDK

– Discussion about SDK tools

– User Interface design

– Graphics with Canvas

– Location and Networking API

– Layout, Menu, listing

– Background processing

– UI input, sensor

– App selling and market place

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Course Fee : 15,000/=

Duration : 40 hour

Resource Person : Dewan Shahedur Rahman

Next Batch : 1st Friday of every month.

Pre-Requirement : Java Training