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Skilled home IT solution is one of the most well known Computer and IT training center / institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Computer learning has become a part and parcel of education. Without computer skills and education managing service in any sector has become challenging. The service providers require based services with the normal service delivery. The days is coming when it will difficult to manage any job without literacy based knowledge. So, every individual hunting job need to be literate on computer based program as well as little bit idea about Information technology (IT). Considering this situation to mitigate the job hunting people as well as creating job opportunities for the future generation skilled home introduced a computer and IT related training center/institute that will help them to manage services in the competitive job market.

In this training institute skilled home will provide basic computer education like microsoft word, excel, power point, email handling, job searching, internet browsing and basic concept of information technology. This concept on information technology may create a new avenue for the optimistic learner to learn more about the issue which will help them to earn money though outsourcing.

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