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Skilled home IT academy is one of the pioneer freelancing and outsourcing training institute in Bangladesh. If we ask ourselves  a question that where we are and where is our dignity as a Bangladeshi then we have to bow down our head to search the answer of the question. We know ,here we have many problems including unemployment problem. For someone this is  the thing to worry but someone use this problem to overcome their problem. Now in our country the most popular and more benefited business centers are outsourcing training institutes. They all shows the way how  to earn money online how It works.
Anyone can ask me that ,so ….. Where is the problem and what is my headache?
To give the answer of that question I want to ask everyone that Do everyone joining in outsourcing training institute know  what outsourcing is and how to build a successful career in outsourcing field?
The answer is no. Most of  the outsourcing institutes give you the introductory details which just make you hungry but when you are on the way to fill your hunger then you have to take a another course with huge amount of money . They will show you the way of withdrawn and serve you MasterCard’s , but you must have to pay for it. Cheat begins from here and runs until you left them. That’s why I am talking about the dignity of ours.
But institute holders and Customers both don’t care about all that things. They cheat us and we cheated. So why not we get some chance with reserved dignity. We bring a project for you and that is keep to built project. In Skilled Home we will show you what original freelancer is and how it works. You can learn every course in details based on effectiveness. You will keep your eyes open and will get result in your hand.To be a successful freelancer with a great career you all are welcome in Skilled Home.

Question ? Ask us in Online, we will answer you soon.

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