Graphics design training in Bangladesh

As you look around, you see a world that’s emerging with rich graphics content. Be it television, movies, video games, advertising in newspapers, magazines, billboards or the internet, design elements are present everywhere. Just internet has many types of graphics contains. Internet is impossible without graphics. A web developer make a website by coding and make function for his site. But he can’t make attractive website. A graphics designer can possible by his creativity and skill. So you can understand the importance of designer.
A skilled graphic designer has a very wide range work opportunity. The graphic design of the work area, you can easily earn huge amount of money. But be a graphic designer you must take training under experience trainer. So you must search a good training center and their trainer. If you mind that where I take my training then I tell, you come in the right place. Skilled home IT academy provides a graphic design training program at Dhaka in Bangladesh. We offer the best graphic design curriculum. By our new and old successfully we give training Logo design, Website design by Photoshop, Banner, Poster, Visiting Card and such other printing media product, and learn how to convert images in other formats as PDF using tools from sites as
If you mind, graphic design is your right choice, don’t waste your time just join our training program and lead your career. Skilled home have some quality Graphic designer those can be ensure quality training for you.

Course Outline:

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Getting to Know the Starting and Workspace.
The Basics of Working with Photoshop CS6.
Making the Best Selections.
Creating a Good Image.
Getting to Know Layers.
Make a Website Template.
Advance Design in Photoshop CS6

Adobe Illustrator CS6
Getting to Know the Starting and Workspace.
The Basics of Working with Illustrator CS6.
Illustrator CS5 Essentials.
Working with the Drawing Tools.
Adding Color.
Working with and Formatting Text.

Course fee : 5,000/=

Resource Person : Monirujjaman Munna