Professional Java training in Bangladesh

From the view of a programer / developer Java is the 1st complete Object oriented programing language. We knows that most of the application run on mobile, computer or in web. If you would like to make web application java should be your good choose cause JSP is a leading server based programing. & developed with JSP. Though only for high price of Tomcat hosting people avoid JSP. If you want to be a desktop application developer than Java should be your best choice cause for Aplet programing, windows programing developers mostly use Java. Day by day people depending on small device and that’s why mobile phone, tab become more priority. If you want to switch your career in mobile phone application development than Java should your only choice. Hope you know that 70% of total smart phone user use Android. If you want to work on this large platform (Android) you must need to know Java 1st.

Skilled home IT solution organizing a quality java training from 1 year where you can learn regaining to advance level of Java. If you have any question about Java, Ask us online.

Course Curriculum :

– History, Career & Future in Java

– Discussion about Object oriented programing

– Basic concept of Java

– Classes & Objects

– Object design & programing

– Java Interfaces

– Java Exception handling

– API collections

– Java project


Course fee : 9,000/=

Resource Person : Dewan Shahedur Rahman

Batch Start : 1st Friday of Every month