Professional Joomla training in Bangladesh

Joomla is just another popular Content management System to design and develop website. On the basis of the demand of Joomla web designing, we Skilled home IT offer a training program titled as Professional Joomla training in Bangladesh. Joomla is the 2nd most popular CMS around the world. Joomla developed with PHP programming language and use MySQL database. Joomla based web designer need to be skilled on HTML, CSS for design purpose but if you would like to develop Joomla extension as like template, plugins than he require to know jQuery, PHP, MySQL as well. Joomla is most popular CMS to develop eCommerce, Magazine, Business website and so. Joomla upgrading their version and upgrading new features. Overall Joomla give you facility to design and develop a professional web page without knowing any programming language ! Demand of Joomla also increasing in Freelancing marketplace like oDesk, Elance, etc.

Joomla Course Outline :

1. Introduction to CMS

2. Types of CMS

3. Joomla Vs others

4. Why you will choose Joomla

5. Joomla versions

6. Create Menu

7. Menu Design

8. Menu Modules

9. Menu Parameters

10. Menu Trash

11. Installation Xampp

12. Install Joomla in Local host

13. Installing Joomla in Windows

14. Installing Joomla using Hosting Cpanel

15. Installation Error handling

16. Install and uninstall module

17. Module management

18. Module position and parameters

19. Joomla Front end & Back end

20. Article optimization

21. Category, Section, article, Plugins

22. Banner, Content, web links, Poll, search

23. Joomla administration

24. Global configuration settings

25. Site, server, system settings

26. Media manager

27. Introduction to template

28. Premium template

29. Installing theme

30. Customizing Joomla theme

31. Hyper text mark up language (HTML)

32. CSS

33. Market place for Joomla

34. Web gallery & extensions

and so …

 Skilled home IT academy working to provide qualitative Joomla training in Bangladesh for about 3 years. If you would like to start your career with Joomla, Skilled home IT training should be your best place. If you have any question about any Content management system ask question to us on Tricky ! Answer.

Course Title : Professional Joomla training (Bangladesh)

Class : Friday, Saturday (3 hour)

Total class : 8 (approximate)

Course fee : 9,000/=