What is SEO and why essential for your Business

May you know world leading search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing and have around 1 million search engine in the world.


Full Meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The process of develop a website in Search Engines result in Called SEO.  It’s a Technique to give web page good rank in search engines.


Example – Suppose, a foreigner want to came in Bangladesh and want to book a Hotel, That’s why he search in Google in this keyword “5 star hotels in Bangladesh” and he get 2,260,000 result in Google and Every page Google have 13 Result of referral Websites link.  Every Hotel has their own Website and Lots of Travel agency work for Book Hotel and they have also lots of Website.


Question for You.

Which Hotel will he book?

– Yes, He book that Hotel which website in 1st or 2nd page in Google. Cause, He never visits all pages of Google.


Google or Any Search engines not give you that Good rank without any SEO. So, SEO very Essential for all kind of Business. Your Organizations Future totally depends on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Besides, customers are more sophisticated than ever and realize that they need marketing and development providers who can fulfill all their needs. For many businesses that focus on other core competencies having PlacementSEO as their white label SEO Agency is essential to become full-service and win clients who want a “All under one roof” type of business.


In our Voice – SEO is a Power and Backbone of a Business.